Lucky Dolphin Offering Total Solutions

Parcels Custom Clearance

Our Cairo air Port office taking all necessary measures to clear your spare parts parcels ensuring fastest dispatch to reach vessel or destination worldwide at the right time and at the most economical rates.

 We make the most use of our strategic location in the middle of trade shipping route (Suez Canal) to present our clients with an outstanding service, holding their spare parts consignment in our tax free warehouses to be delivered or distributed among their vessels frequently calling our ports.

Repair Works

Lucky Dolphin Marine Services is associated with High tech. class society approved workshops capable of handling a wide range of maintenance and overhaul

  • Main and auxiliary engines.
  • Turbo chargers.
  • Pumps and compressors.
  • Electrical motors (rewinding within 24 hours).

Crew Change

– We are handling Crew Changes (Embarkation,Disembarkation&Repatriation)

to join vessels at any of the Egyptian ports safely and at the economical cost.

– Provide accommodations if necessary.

Ship Yards & Docking Facilities

Floating dock has a lifting capacity of 25.000 tons which is really rare in this part of the world. Heavy sections can also be handled without any problems by the gantry crane with a lifting capacity of 500 tons, with a lift period of less than 2 hours with a full load 25.000 tons; operations can be initiated with limited loss of up-time.

Bunkers, Lub. Oil & Fresh Water

We supply Fuel oil, Lub oil, and fresh water offering the best available effective Rates, securing delivery on the right time.


Lucky Dolphin are agents of Gulf Marine company in all egyptian ports.

Spare Parts Reconditioning

Re-new your Spare parts according to makers instruction using the most advanced facilities, with a complete range of inspection and measuring instruments, modern material handling system, sand blasting, MPI crack testing hydrostatic testing, ultrasonic thickness gauging, hardened testing etc., to meet the most stringent quality requirements providing class society certificates when required.

Portable Equipment Rental

We offer the best solution in critical situations, providing class approved equipment for short or long lease:

  • Pneumatic rubber fenders
  • Life rafts
  • Ventilators
  • Sandblasters scaffolds
  • High pressure hold washing machines
  • Welding equipment

Environmental Solutions

The goal of this service is to help Owner/Operator’s Technical Department keeping their vessels in compliance with environmental and safety standards.

Sludge, Bilge Water, slops Disposal
Tank cleaning
Oil Spill